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Coquina Crossing Soldier Support


Dear Patty and the Coquina Crossing Quilters,
Merry Christmas! Just a short note to let you know we received your shipment of quilts sent on 21 October.  They are lovely, as always, and very much appreciated. Thank you very much on behalf of the patients here! 
As always, there are plenty of great stories to share this month from Landstuhl and about our incredible men and women in uniform.
Photos taken during a visit from one of our supporters from the US (people like you!) which show a little bit of our operation here:
Soldiers' Angels Germany
Soldiers' Angels

Mary Ann

Patty's note:
The quilts are sent to Soldiers' Angels (Landstuhl Hospital at Ramstein, Germany, is where Soldiers Angels is based) for distribution to the wounded via backpacks.  The laundry room photo is of a rack of items that are being "recycled".  Sometimes the soldiers who are going back into the field will simply ask that their quilt or blanket be washed and kept for another soldier to use.  

This looks like an art show, but the quilts displayed here are destined for a more practical and utilitarian use. They are sent to Landstuhl Hospital in Germany where they are given to soldier patients. They become the property of that patient and stay with them during their transport back to the U.S. for further treatment and recuperation. Handmade quilts always become keepsakes, but these will be even more meaningful to those who receive them. Each of these quilts was made by a resident of Coquina Crossing, most of whom are too modest to desire recognition for their work.

At the beginning of 2007, the Coquina Crossing Quilters began the special project of making quilts to be used by the wounded at Landstuhl Hospital in Germany.  So far, 65 quilts have been sent through Coquina Crossing Soldier Support.  These quilts are distributed by SoldiersAngels ( which is another organization based at Ramstein AFB in Germany and concentrates on our wounded troops who come through there.
If there are any quilters in your group or if you know of any quilting clubs who would be interested in a much needed project for our wounded troops I would be happy to provide contact information.
My Grandson is one of a Critical Care Air Transport Team bringing severely wounded soldiers from Iraq & Afghanistan to Ramstein, Germany and from there to get further treatment here in the U.S.
He told me that each soldier gets their own quilt for the trip back as the planes get quite chilly and they must be kept warm.  These quilts may be any color or design but must be made of woven material so fuzz, etc, will not be likely to catch on anything or get into wounds.
These quilts become the property of that individual who used it so there is always a need for more.  Most quilters embroider their name or their group's name, etc. right on the quilt so it can be a keepsake for the soldier who was kept warm and comfortable by it and the love that went into it.

- Patty Worsham