The website of Florida Veterans Programs and Projects, Inc.

The website of Florida Veterans Programs and Projects, Inc.

Coquina Crossing Soldier Support

Items needed -


Suggested Magazines to Send To The Troops
Keep in mind that magazines are one of the most requested items in the war zone as it keeps them in touch with HOME.  But please no more housekeeping type magazines such as Family Circle, etc., and try to bring current event types in right away as the mail only gets to Afghanistan about once a month.
Runners World, Muscle & Fitness, Men's Health (related)
Car & Driver, Motorcyle World (other motor types)
Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Guns & Ammo, Adventure & and ANY outdoor type of magazine
Sports Illustrated, ESPN and related sports magazines
Budget Travel, Travel and Leisure
Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report (current only)
Gaming magazines, Reader's Digest, Lucky, Blender, MAXIM, Stuff, Esquire, GQ and any tasteful men's magazines with no frontal nudity
Religious magazines such as Guideposts
For the ladies -
Self, Women's Health, Prevention, Cosmo, Glamour, Elle and related fashion magazines  But please no housekeeping type magazines such as Family Circle, etc.
This is only a partial list.  There are many good reading magazines about various areas of the country such as the west, Florida, the north east, etc which would delight those soldiers whose homes are there.

Other items needed -

Letters and pictures, esp from children.
Personal Hygiene -
Eye care products, foot care products, deodorants, body powders, lotions, dental care products, razors, combs, nail care products hair products (to include African-American needs), female needs, soaps and other items in sample sizes.
Clothing Needs -
T-shirts (white and colored), boxers, socks, socks, socks (black or white) for both males and females, black watch caps and gloves for the winter months. (med to lg sizes)
Food Products -
Snack foods that can be carried on missions, microwavable as well as canned foods with pull tab tops such as soups for the winter months, NO pork products, jerky, peanut butter, crackers, powdered drink packets, candies (chocolate can be sent during the same months it would be safe to send here) cookies, nuts, etc.
Miscellaneous Needs -
Room deodorizers, insect repellants, sunscreen, sunglasses, chapsticks, writing materials and greeting cards, AA & AAA batteries, flashlights, baby wipes, disposable cameras, cheap nylon paint brushes, etc.
Fun Stuff (we put at least one fun item in every box!) -
Seasonal decorations, new and used CD's and DVDs, nail polish, scented lotions & sprays, magazines (esp for the fellas, automotive and outdoor types, tastefully done  magazines such as Maxim, Stuff, and GQ), puzzles, toys such as whoopee cushions & yoyos, etc., water balloons and guns, craft supplies, small toys to pass out to local children.
Please keep in mind this is only partial, suggested list.  Use your imagination and think of what your loved one would enjoy receiving.
Use your imagination but please keep items to a size that can be packed into flat rate boxes that the postal service provides (we mostly use boxes that measure 12 x 14 x 3 1/2).  PLEASE no pork foods, pressurized sprays (pump spray items only), dog collars.  Do NOT install batteries in items, leave them loose.