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The website of Florida Veterans Programs and Projects, Inc.

Coquina Crossing Soldier Support

Letters from Camp Kamu - renamed Camp Lowell

To the friends at Coquina Crossing,

I hope all in Florida are doing extremely well.  I would first like to say thank you for your unwavering support to the Soldiers here at COP Lowell.  I have recieved approximately 10 packages to date from your group and each have them been great for our Soldier's morale.

I have not seen the watch caps that you are referring to yet but that isn't any need to worry.  You know the deal with our helicopters here.  I will make sure that my XO puts my mail in the bird next time (I have my younger Soldier's mail prioritized before my own).

Again, thanks for the support.


CPT Jay Ireland


We have received mail out here, just wanted to thank you for the Toys and Magazines as well as the Psalm 91 books that arrived.  Thank you for everything that you do for us.


Frank Hooker


Sgt. Terrel and Capt. Hooker


Good evening, just wanted to let you know that we received a box with
Toiletry items, clothing, magazines and toys.  Thank you so much for
everything; attached are two links with articles and pictures of the
unit.  We have a new 1SG in the unit, 1SG Terrell, his picture is [above].

link1   link2 


Frank Hooker

Coquina Veterans Dedicate Flag Flown in Afghanistan 

A very special American flag has become a part of the Coquina Crossing community and will be used at special events in the St Augustine area as well.  The story behind the flag is that it was presented to Mr Peter Schulz on his retirement from the Air Force.  It had been flown over the capitol building in Washington and Mr Schulz donated it for the use of the Veteran's color guard.  There is another very meaningful aspect to that flag which is that it has actually flown in a war zone.
The Coquina Veterans sponsor Coquina Crossing Soldier Support through which care packages are sent to the war zone.  A unit of rangers and paratroopers (173rd Airborne) in Afghanistan have been the focus of the program since August of 2007.  That unit of approximately 130 men at Camp Lowell is in a very remote, treacherous region of the country and all supplies must be brought in by sling under a helicoptor.  This region is where many of the Taliban and insurgents are hiding.  
Through correspondence with the commander at Camp Lowell, it was arranged to have the flag flown over the camp for the Coquina Veterans.  They were very honored to be able to dedicate this flag while celebrating Flag Day at the clubhouse in Coquina Crossing.

Camp Kamu rededicated as Camp Lowell

Hi Patti,

Hey how are things going in your neck of the woods, I hope the fires are not effecting beautiful St. Augustine.

Just wanted to let you know we received a few more of your boxes last night and we're expecting more mail tonight.  Please pass on to your supporters that the men of Legion certainly appreciate your support.

On the 12th we dedicated our base to SPC Jacob Lowell a Legion Soldier who was killed 02 JUN 07. We had a small ceremony renaming the base after him.

Well, gotta run. Just wanted to say hey.


CPT Page, John

The plaque reads:

Dedicated in memory of SPC Jacob Lowell
04 May 1985 - 02 June 2007
Legion Company, 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry (ABN)
173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team
KIA June 02 2007
Nuristan, Afghanistan

(COP - combat outpost)

These photos were sent to us by Captain John Page, commander of Bravo Company, currently on duty in Afghanistan. Captain Page wrote:

By the way I am from a town called Holly Hill which is right next to Daytona. Every time I come home for leave I usually make a trip up to St. Augustine to walk around the fort and to go to a pub called Billy’s something or another. Anyway, it is on the main drag and has great Rubin sandwichs.

It would be my pleasure to tell ya’ll the next time I plan to visit St. Augustine so I can have a beer with everyone there in Coquina Crossing.

That's Captain Page on the left.

Hi Cpt Page,

I am trying to learn as much as I can about the region where you are so I can keep my volunteers motivated.  There is an article on the web from Vanity Fair which I got from the letter from another 173rd soldier in Charlie Medical Company.  If you want to look it up, go to the AnySoldier site -the soldier is Julie L. Braley and they are there until Aug 30 also.  It was very interesting and about female medics.

Its about the 2nd Battalion of the 503rd.  Kunar Province.  About the Korengal River and the Abas Ghar Ridge and the Korengal Outpost.  Also mentions the Pech River.

Is any of this about you guys?  If not, are you familiar with it?  Are the conditions basically the same?  If so, then I want to print out the article for people here to read so they will have a better understanding of what youre doing and what your conditions are.  And of course I will understand if you cant tell me much for security reasons.

Thanks for putting up with my questions.  We want to be able to "picture" you all as much as its humanly possible.  It helps my people to have the enthusiasm to continue with getting contributions, etc.  It would also help them to understand how badly you need whatever help you can get.

When you get a chance, answer this e-mail.  No hurry, I saved the article for future reference.  Also, if you have any more pictures of life at Camp Kamu, I would be really grateful if you would share them with us.





To give you a little background on where we operate, which is a little different from that of our sister Battalion, 2/503rd, our outpost is in the district of Kamdesh in the Nuristan Province not far from the Pakistan border. The mountains are high and the Landay Sin River flows just outside. The stories you read about Battle Company are from 2/503 as well. CPT Dan Kearney is a good friend of mine and he and his guys are doing great things over there despite what some of the media (NY TIMES) is reporting.

We are a Company assigned to 1st Battalion (Airborne) 503rd Infantry and have been attached to another Battalion within the 173rd Airborne Brigade. It is 1/91 Cavalry who we are attached to and they are headquartered at FOB Naray. That is where I normally work out of , but am out here in charge of Legion while John [Captian Page] is on leave. My job there as the XO is to ensure the company out at Kamu gets what they need.

We live pretty basic here on Kamu. No running water, except in the new shower connex we just got. Just this week , we have had the first fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to our COP since we have been here. This has brought a lot of motivation to the guys. We also just finished laying a concrete floor for our new gym and the tent over that went up today. I have a contact with Soldier’s Angels who is trying to find us some rubber flooring for the gym. Big problem is the shipping cost. Working through military channels to try and use some of our funds here to pay for the shipping.

I’ll put together some photos in the morning and send them out to you.

I have a page on which I write on. Feel free to check it out.

Warmest Regards,

1LT Roy Emerson
Legion Executive Officer

Dear Residents and Veterans of Coquina Crossing

Thank you very much for your support of Legion Company B/1-503rd IN.  We are an airborne unit based in Vicenza, Italy.

We are located currently near the villages of Kamu and Gowhardesh in Nuristan, Afghanistan.  Which is the mountain area of North Eastern portion of the country.  We are in a very isolated area so we do not have the pleasure of a PX of any kind so your gifts are extremely useful and necessary.  If not for the support of kind people like you life here over our 15 month deployment would be almost unbearable.

I personally thank you for your support to my boys for they are doing the absolute work of the Lord here in Afghanistan we are faced with many hardships but we are making a difference and the support of the local people continues to grow with each passing month as together we fight against those who wish to bring harm to the Afghan people.

I have attached a photo of Legion Company back in Italy before we deployed as well as a photo of Camp Kamu where ¾ of my company is located.  I also have 1 platoon at Camp Lybert which is a base that sits on top of a mountain that is the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Captain John Page

CPT Page, John
B/1-503 CDR
TF Saber
"Strength and Honor"