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The website of Florida Veterans Programs and Projects, Inc.

Coquina Crossing Soldier Support

Letters from the troops

To All,

Thanks so much for all the packages, cards and encouraging letters.  Your letters ease my pain of being separated from my family at this time and I share them with everyone here.  We have about 9 months left here and the time is going by fast.  We have a good amount of snow right now and the cold is like Montana cold, the kind that goes right to your bones.  When we are out on mission in the mountains there is no way to get warm enough, I can't wait for the 120 degree tempertures to come back.  Yes, I'd rather be roasting than frozen.  The holidays are over and we all made it and now we can just buckle down and get this over with.  It has been interesting so far and never a dull moment.  I am one of 4 females who are on the Embedded Transition team to advise the Afghan National Army on how to run their own army so we can go home and stay there.  We are the first females allowed to work at this capacity.  I am very honored to be making history this way.  The Afghans weren't to sure at first how to handle women in leadership roles but I can say that the officers that I mentor have come a long way and really want to learn how to do things the right way.  We go out on mission with our counter parts and advise them in the field as well.  I can't thank you all enough for your support and kindness.  Sorry about not getting back to you all sooner.  Stay in touch if you choose and thanks again.  God bless America and all of its people.


MSgt. Beth Keen, USAF

That's Beth on the left.
Hello Patty,

I wanted to answer you about the watch caps. We are allowed to wear them in our rooms. We would not be allowed to wear them anywhere else. But that would be awesome to get some! I know that the girls would enjoy them a lot! That is awesome.

I love Band of Brothers. It is wonderful. It really truly depects the times of war back then. I can honestly say that what you see in the movie is not what happens now. The trenches and such. It is such a different war now a days. Our unit right now, we are a medical company. We are the lowest level. We support our entire brigade of soldiers. We have over 3,000 soldiers in our brigade. In our company, about 70 some odd soldiers. Our unit has about 300 soldiers. We, as a unit are the support battallion. We provide medical, logistics, supply, mechanics...all the stuff to make it easier for our infantry guys. Its a good team.

We could get stuff for the wounded. We are always in need for t-shirts, socks and scrub bottoms. When we have to cut the clothing off of the soldiers, we always need something to replace them.

We could always use sheets as well. They would go on our patient hold beds. We have two right now...but are looking to expand. So the more the better. The same that you sent the other guys would be wonderful.

As I said previously about the pictures...I will do my best to send some to you. I need to go for now. You have a great day. Thank you so much for everything that you do! 


SGT Brewster, Stephanie
68X20, US Army
2 BCT Mental Health NCOIC

Hi Stephanie,

About the watch caps.  If you all can only wear them in your rooms, it seems sort of pointless to send them - they are warm and for outdoor use, so I'll try to find a unit who are allowed to wear them in their off time.  However, I can whomp up some really cute skull caps and pony tail holders that would be neat for some of you.  Anything girly I am sure is a real treat.  I tell people to just THINK about it. [Those poor women have to wear] Combat boots and cammies 24-7, bah-humbug!
I've been sending what sheets I get to another unit, but will send them to you from this point on.  So glad I asked you about it!  Can you use other things like used washcloths too?  I would think they would make great rags for clean up.  Towels are too bulky to send - costs too much for postage.

Love and hugs to all of you there,



Hey Patty,

I understand completely about the watch caps. It makes sense to send them to the soldiers that can wear them. myself and the soldiers would perfer you to send them to someone who has the oppurtunity to wear them more. The ponty tail holders and skull caps would also be very enjoyable. I know the girls would love that. It is nice to remember that we are girly! The combat boots are a killer! The ACU's [Army Combat Uniform]...everyone is starting to break them they are getting more comfortable.

The sheets and washcloths that you send are going to go to our patient hold area. I believe that I told you about that. We, right now...have a two bed patient hold area. But are trying to expand it as much as we can. I will hand out some of the rags to be used to weapons cleaning. Those are always good to helps us keep the dust/dirt off the weapons.

Again thank you for everything and thank you for the coorespondance! It is much appriciated. I will write more later. I have been busy all week, and last week! Thank you again for everything!


SGT Brewster, Stephanie
68X20, US Army
2 BCT Mental Health NCOIC

Hey There North FL Veterans and Great Americans,

A quick note to let you know that we received boxes from your organization.
We greatly appreciate your consideration and thoughfulness.  The items will
Be put to good use.  I will ensure that several go out in the mail to our very remote

I was surprised upon arrival to discover how limited our supplies are.  Personal
Hygine items are not yet rolling in.  Eventually we will have a small AAFES store here, but
The NCO who will run it was having some Physical Therapy and has not yet joined
Us.  We are just getting on the ground, so we have a full year ahead of us.

We have plenty of fresh fruits and vegatbles, and great chow.  Your packages arrived in a very
Remote location, and we are grateful.

Thanks again for your thoughfulness, it's a great source of strength to Soldiers knowing
Great Americans such as yourselves are behind them.

Ron Cooper

CH (CPT-P) Ron Cooper
6-4 CAV
Raider Chaplain
"Prepared and Loyal"
        I want to first start off by saying THANK YOU for the magazines, books, soaps and letters.  Your organization is wonderfull for doing what they do for the troops.  My husband, boys and I are planning on retiring in Northern Florida.  We can't wait.  We are looking at land right now.  My family is really outdoorsy so, we are hoping for some land near a river and not too far from the ocean.  Maybe Elkton is a place we can look into. Well, let me tell you a little about us.  We are the hospital hub for all the wounded warriors here in Afghanistan prior to their aerovac to Germany.  As I'm sure you have seen in the headlines and in the news, Afghanistan has become very busy.  Now that the Taliban has caught the eye of the media, they will capitalize on it.  Please don't rely on what the media has to say about us.  I am here to say, WE ARE STRONG!  Our Soldiers, Airman, Marines and Navy are working hard to play the "Away Game" so we don't have to play the "Home Game."  Most of the wounded that pass through our halls are not done…..they are so eager to get back in the fight.  I am so proud of them.  Your gifts of kindness go a long way.  No matter the size of the package, everyone is blessed at the love and care that our friends back home support us with.  Not only do we take care of the wounded warriors, we also take care of the local population that are caught in the crossfire of this war.  We also support a huge humanitarian mission here as well.  We have the best doctors, nurses and medics in the world.  Why not use their talents to support a nation that has gone without for so long.  I truly believe we are making a difference in this country and your help has definitely been greatly appreciated.  Thank you and May God continue to Bless you.

NCOIC, Intermediate Care Ward
TF Med, Bagram AF, Afghanistan

Hello Residents and Veterans of Coquina Crossing,
I just wanted to say thanks for all the support you provided to the soldiers and locals while I was at Habur Gate.  You made a lot of soldiers and kids happy.  I have since moved back to Baghdad but I have passed the torch on to the soldiers at Habur gate so hopefully some good will continue.  You made a big impact in keeping the 60 isolated soldiers safe by allowing us to pass out support to the locals.  We will all take away good memories for an otherwise bad situation.  Thanks again
SSG Steven Gardner
Camp Liberty, Iraq
Thank you!  Our unit has been blessed by the many packages and kind letters sent by caring citizens of your program.  Each time I pass out a package, a soldier's day is brightened and made a little bit better.  That is the key to a happy and healthy soldier.  Thank you again,
Captain Nicole V. Bires, Detachment Commander, near Baghdad, 41 men and 10 women

Thank you for your mail and support.  Our soldiers really appreciate all your love, prayers,and support.  It is incredible to see soldiers faces when I give them a care package sent from you all.  Thank you for all the wonderful items that we received from you.  It is because of people like you that keeps us motivated even when we hear bad news like being extended in this place for 3 more months.  We all miss our families and soldiers are going thru many issues at home.  Even though sometimes it is difficult to be here, all your care packages remind us that we have an awesome group of people fully supporting us in all we do here.  Thank you again for your love.
Sincerely, CPT Martin Chang

From  2 LT Joseph M. Casamatta, Army, in Ramadi, Iraq with 70 men and 20 women.
Thank you all so much for your support.  All of the Soldiers you are helping are grateful.  I cannot put into words the feeling we get when something from home touches us in a way and for a moment removes us from this place and puts us back with our friends and families.  It truly means the world to us to know that you are thinking of us and for that I can never thank you enoug

Good Morning,

We received your package and really appreciate all the things you sent to us here in Afghanistan.

Because of your kindness, you brightened our days.  One of the gentleman in your picture looks like one of the guys that I went through CRC Ft Benning with recently.

Again, thank you very much!

Personnel NCOIC
Kabul, Afghanistan
DSN: 318-237-1325