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Present:  Harry Manford, Michael Rothfeld, Ben Meggitt, Earl Kidwell, Jim Vanairsdale, Jack Ernissee and Bill Napper

President Rothfeld called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Earl Kidwell made a motion, seconded by Harry Manford to accept the minutes from the October 27, 2008 meeting.  The motion passed unanimously.

Napper presented the Treasurer’s Report and noted that as of November 24, 2008, the last transaction, FVPPI had a balance of $1,137.43 consisting of $645.51 in the Troop Support account and $491.92 in Corporate Administration.  Ben Meggitt made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Harry Manford and the motion passed unanimously.

President Rothfeld announced that Patty Worsham was organizing a Penny Auction, similar to a silent auction, for February 28, 2009.

President Rothfeld said that the Art Institute President wants to organize a small gathering of persons interviewed for the documentary, politicians and the FVPPI where the documentary will be shown before releasing it to the public.

As a result of meeting with Dan McCarthy, currently chief of veterans’ services for DuVal County, President Rothfeld is confident that a site will be available in Jacksonville to show the documentary.

Congressman Crenshaw has a Korean veterans' database that he will make available to FVPPI to use to invite veterans to the Jacksonville showing.

The Jacksonville Library will make its auditorium available for free for the showing.

There is nothing new about the availability of a Flagler College site for the showing.

The Palm Coast is willing to make one of three sites available and persons from the FVPPI will visit them to decide which is best.

FVPPI and Wounded Warrior display and donation tables will be located in the lobbies of the various showing sites.

Jim Vanairsdale will contact UNF to determine if it has a showing site.

Napper explained that Pay Pal demanded verification of FVPPI’s legal ability to accept donations.  That verification was satisfied and FVPPI can now accept donations from the web site using Pay Pal.

Manford made a motion, seconded by Ernissee, that any donation from the website be split 75% to Troop Support and 25% to Corporate Administration.  The motion was approved unanimously.

Manford will contact Ralph Geiger to arrange for the posting on the Coquina Veterans’ newsletter on the FVPPI website.

Ernissee is to contact Geoff to arrange for ELS to purchase an American flag and mount it in the Craft Room.

President Rothfeld is arranging a trip to the Art Institute on December 16 to meet with students who are developing an alternative FVPPI web site.  Please contact him if you would like to go.

Peggy Gachet of Watson Reality will donate a print showing Wally Czechowizc and Bob Ong to FVPPI.  President Rothfeld will meet with Geoff to obtain permission to mount the print in the lobby.  It might be possible to arrange a money raising raffle involving a second print.  Watson Reality will also develop a link from its web site to the FVPPI web site.

There was considerable discussion about the by laws.  President Rothfeld will incorporate the resulting changes and email the results to the board.  Members will have 48 hours to notify him of any subsequent changes.

There was also discussion about whether documentaries about John Leahy’s experiences and Viet Nam were appropriate.  It was decided that they were not.

The meeting adjourned at 8:26.

Respectfully submitted,

William C. Napper